Conference “Opportunities and challenges for commercialisation of innovations in Ukrainian universities”

coordination meeting


The Conference “Opportunities and challenges for commercialisation of innovations in Ukrainian universities”, a final event of SpinOff project, will be held at Lund University (Sweden) with a purpose to share the learnt experience, present the main project achievements and discuss the opportunities for enhancing the role of innovations in educational and research activities of Ukrainian universities.

Main highlights of the conference:
- summary of activities performed in SpinOff project;
- overviewof the legislative environment for commercialization of innovations by universities in Ukraine;
- IP management in Ukrainian universities;
- organisation and management of commercialization projects (SpinOffs) in Ukrainian universities;
- innovation eco-system in Ukraine;
- practical examples and success factors of commersialisation of IP in Ukraine;
- success stories of commercialisation projects in EU universities.

The SpinOff team will be represented by project leaders from each partner.

There is no any registration fee for the Conference and any organisations or individuals, interested in the project theme, are very welcomed to attend the Conference.

Planning of the event
September 29, 2015 – the Conference
September 30, 2015 – consortium meeting;
October 01, 2015 – meetings of partners with coordinator.

Planning of the event
Programme of the Conference
List of Participants
Presentations and materials of the Conference

For registration and other enquires please contact the organisers Mr. Craig Mitchell (Lund University) or Mr. Andriy Petrenko (National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine).

6th Coordination Meeting of project partners

coordination meetingThe 6th Coordination Meeting of project partners will be held at Coventry University during March 23 – 27, 2015. This will be a final coordination meeting with a main focus on review and analysis of all project achievements and development of measures needed to ensure their lasting sustainability and dissemination. The main tasks of coordination meeting are:
- to review activities performed from the start of the project;
- to analyse the achieved results and identify the gaps;
- to develop adjustments, if any are needed;
- to make detailed planning of activities for next 6 months;
- to perform the planned internal quality control measures;
- to make administrative arrangements and collect supporting documentation.

Agenda of the 6th Coordination Meeting
Participants of the 6th Coordination Meeting
Informational materials from the 6th Coordination Meeting
Minutes of the 6th Coordination Meeting

For any questions related to the 6th coordination Meeting please contact the project management team.

Latest developments of the SpinOff project



Case studies “Support of entrepreneurship in education: case studies from European experience” 
Case studies demonstrate support of the students’ entrepreneurial initiatives in the universities from Great Britain, Poland, Portugal and Sweden. The information provided might be useful for the development of entrepreneurial education in Ukraine.

Regulatory framework for commercialisation of innovations and IP protection at Ukrainian higher education institutions   (document in English)
Document is based on the analysis of the best European practices and fully respects the Law on High Education in Ukrainian and other documents stipulating the commercialization of research results by universities. The development of Regulatory framework was led by Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas who, on behalf of the consortium of SpinOff project, has offered it to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for distribution among the other Ukrainian universities as the document to be applied in practice.

Review and feedback for the developed “Proposals for the new Law on Higher Education” and “Concept for creation and commercialistion of innovations by universities in Ukraine” provided by Prof. Victor Bilyakov, Director of the Prydniprovskyi Scientific Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Proposals for the new Law on Higher Education #1187-2 dated 21.01.2013
The team of SpinOff project has developed the proposals on the amendment of the draft Law on Higher Education #1187-2 as of 21.01.2013. Proposals are based on the learnt European experience and aim to facilitate development and commercialisation of innovations by the Ukrainian HEIs. Proposals have been developed under the leadership of the National University “Odesa Law Academy” and submitted to the Committee on Law and Justice of the Verkhovna Rada.

Brochure “Experience of European universities in commercialisation of innovations and its application for Ukraine”
The European practices in commercialisation of innovations by universities as well as the insights for their application in Ukraine have been analysed. Practical  experience of the universities from Great Britain, Poland, Portugal and Sweden is presented in the context of Europe’s economic, cultural and historic versatility. Recommendations, aimed to enhance capability of the Ukrainian universities in creation and delivery to the market of innovations with high scientific and commercial value, have been proposed.

Concept for creation and commercialistion of innovations by universities in Ukraine
The document, developed by the Ukrainian team of SpinOff project, provides the analysis of current situation in Ukrainian universities and suggests practical measures to improve it. In particular, the Concept gives practical recommendations for boosting of technical innovations inside and outside of university, methodology to evaluate the inventions in terms of innovative and commercial viability, offers the measures addressed to support the incubation of innovations and tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the commercialised innovations.

Methodological recommendations for the updating of technical and economical education towards the enhancing of effectiveness of commercialistion of innovations
Recommendations define the cornerstone prerequisites necessary to ensure the sustainable growth of innovative activities, outline the functions of higher education institutions that are important for the birth, development and commercialisation of innovations, recommend the study courses needed to equip graduates and PhD students with skills and competencies essential for successful and creative innovative activities.

Applicability of the "Model intellectual property policy for universities and research institutions" in Ukraine
Consortium has made the analysis of the state of the art in the project field and taken the document "Model Intellectual Property Policy for Universities and Research Institutions" developed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) as the basis for the development of recommendations for Ukrainian universities. The document developed by SpinOff team provides the analysis of WIPO model towards its application in the framework of Ukrainian legislation with a number of possible improvements. Based on this analysis each Ukrainian partner will develop the own document that will be presented and discussed on the workshop to be held in Odessa (autumn 2014).

Report on inter-project coaching activity
The representative of SpinOfff team PhD student Victoria Polushenko participated in the meeting of representatives of the following Tempus projects: NEFESIE, TUNING, UNI4INNO and SUCSID. The objective of the meeting was to exchange with practice in implementation of Tempus projects and also share the experience in the training of students in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Training of the staff for “Help-desks for Knowledge Transfer” to be established at the Ukrainian partner universities of SpinOff project

trainingThe training is arranged for “practitioners” – people who will work at the “Helpdesks for Knowledge Transfer” to be established at Ukrainian universities of the SpinOff project. The objective of the training is to acquire the practical skills in:
- patenting and IPR support for university staff and students;
- management of knowledge or technology transfer projects;
- fundraising;
- different practical issues in the scope of innovation activities and entrepreneurship in the sector of higher education.
For both informational and costs efficiency the training is arranged in the way when 2 groups will be established and each group will visit two European project partners within the single mobility to EU. This decision allows to train comprehensively more people with the lowest possible costs. Each Ukrainian university is able to nominate 1 person to each group and train 2 persons in total. Non academic partners are also involved because the successful implementation of innovative projects requires the high level of expertise from all partners involved.

Schedule of trainings

Group -

Monday, 20/10/2014

Tuesday, 21/10/2014

Wednesday, 22/10/2014

Thursday, 23/10/2014

Friday, 24/10/2014


Coventry University (UK)

Coventry University (UK)

Travel day

Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)

Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)


Lund University (Sweden)

Lund University (Sweden)

Travel day

Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)

Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)

Participants of the training at Coventry University and Instituto Politécnico do Porto
Programme of the training at Coventry University
Programme of the training at Instituto Politécnico do Porto

Participants of training at Lund University and Gdansk University of Technology
Programme of the training at Lund University
Programme of the training at Gdansk University of Technology

Workshop “Boost of entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives within the university. Pedagogical components and institutional support”

workshop Gdansk SpinOffWorkshop “Boost of entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives within the university. Pedagogical components and institutional support”

Workshop “Boost of entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives within the university. Pedagogical components and institutional support” will be held on September 16, 2014 at the Gdansk University of Technology in frames of the SpinOff Tempus project.

The objectives of the workshop are:
- to present and discuss the latest developments of the project aimed to create the legislative environment favorable for entrepreneurial activities of university staff and students;
- to develop the mechanisms which will facilitate the promotion and commercialization of research results;
- to develop the recommendations for the update of engineering programmes with new components equipping graduates with skills and competences needed to commercialize business ideas and establish small and medium size companies;
- to analyse the new “Law on Higher Education in Ukraine” with the highlight for articles stipulating the commercial activities of higher education institutions.
During the workshop the European project partners will present the own experience and practices, Ukrainian project team will introduce the existing environment in higher education in Ukraine and partners all together will work out the further actions towards the core objectives of the SpinOff project.

IV Coordination Meeting of the SpinOff project will be held on September 17, 2014 at the Gdansk University of Technology. The objective of the coordination meeting is to review the activities performed from the start of the project, identify any of weak points, analyze the assumptions or risks and, taking into account the developments of the workshop, make the detailed planning of project activities for the next 6 months of the project.

Agenda of the Workshop
Agenda of the VI Coordination Meeting
List of participants

Presentations from the Workshop
Presentations from the VI Coordination Meeting
Minutes of the VI Coordination Meeting

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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